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Executive Coaching

With The Lemon Group, coaching is a one-on-one developmental experience designed for the savvy leader or professional who is ready to more fully realize his or her capabilities to strategize, lead, influence, and innovate.


Who will benefit from executive coaching?  Leaders at various levels and professionals find coaching to be effective when the goal is to:


  • Establish a more impactful leadership style

  • Manage through some type of transition (professional and/or organizational)

  • Enhance his or her overall effectiveness.

  • Assume greater responsibilities.

​​What else should I consider about executive coaching?  Coaching is usually a service sponsored by the client’s organization however, it’s also common for the individual to request these services or seek them out independently.  Typical engagements are six months.   Meetings are confidential and scheduled to accommodate the client’s schedule.  Clients may receive 360° or key stakeholder feedback and personality or style assessments.  Clients finalize goals, and with the coach’s facilitation, create a professional development action plan that will support their increased performance.  Clients work through and refine the plan with the collaboration of the coach.

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