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Offsites/ Strategic Planning


Meeting Design & Facilitation 

Goal setting, buy-in, trust, and accountability are the bridge that connects business strategy to successful results. When a leadership team must set goals and break strategy down into relevant, measurable, and attainable elements, TLG assists business leaders by designing the agenda and facilitating your leadership team sessions, so you don’t have to be concerned with process and everyone in the room can fully engage.


  • Senior sponsor briefing - reach agreement on agenda, goals, and process

  • Stakeholders input - identify pertinent issues, concerns, or needs and solicit ideas.

  • Pre-meeting materials - support participants by heightening their awareness and increasing alignment.

  • Manage and monitor dynamics – ensure everyone in the session is heard and temper the leader’s influence when needed.

  • Deliverables - drive for achieving stated outcomes in the allotted time.

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