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Coaching Principles

Honor and leverage strengths - our work together is not about throwing the baby out with the bath water. TLG coaching is an in-depth, one-on-one development experience that enables clients to heighten self-awareness, recognize their strengths, and leverage those abilities more strategically to achieve performance goals.

Learn and explore - each of us is a product of our learning and experiences. TLG provides a supportive and confidential learning environment that is customized to the client.

  • Psychometric assessments and feedback gathering tools are used to better understand the uniqueness of the client, how their behavior is received by others, and how their approach makes an impact.

  • In-depth discussions with the coach enable the client to evaluate the validity of their assumptions, beliefs, and actions given the organizational and market context.

  • Collaboration with the coach ensures a development action plan incorporates the client’s best thinking with new skills, approaches, behaviors, and practices that can be successful for their personal style and the organizational context.

Provide trusted partnership - sharing your journey as a sounding board and thought partner. Clients can count on the commitment of TLG coaching to support them as they integrate new skills and behaviors. Partnership means providing perspective, insights, encouragement, and honest feedback when a leader needs someone to be candid with them.

Align action with business goals - The individual development plan is crafted to help the clients remain true to themselves while optimizing their performance, aligning with sponsor objectives, and navigating complex business contexts.



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