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Kim is a great listener and provides thoughtful, constructive and challenging feedback in a way that builds trust. She allowed me to really open up, to examine and fine tune my leadership style that empowered me to maximize results. 

K.B., SVP, Territory Executive





Outstanding development opportunity with Results! Kim Lemon has worked directly as an Executive coach with three of my current Leaders and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

I would recommend Kim Lemon as an Executive Coach every time a team member transitions into an Executive Leadership role. She has a unique way of building trust, confidence and self awareness with her coachee and each of them have raved about their personal plans. 


Tim J., Regional Vice President

I sought Kim’s executive coaching services during a pivotal time in my career and at the end of our engagement I felt in better control of my trajectory. She is a great listener and offered valuable feedback specific to my academic medical center work environment. She enhanced and developed my skills in delegation, constructive feedback, hosting productive conversations, effective communication of ideas, and developing a healthy work/life balance. Most importantly, Kim helps in listening to your inner voice and drafting solutions so as to develop one into an independent and successful leader.


Jessica L. - Department Administrator

Ms. Lemon did a phenomenal job.  She was able to understand the goals outlined by my Executive team and HR Department, and then develop, design and deliver a highly engaging and well received managerial training program across all levels.  She effectively communicated with our middle and senior managerial staff. Her outstanding Organizational Development acumen also resulted in her crafting and facilitating a very productive and enjoyable Board of Commissioner’s Retreat.

As individual professionals, and overall as an organization, we greatly benefited from Ms. Lemon’s expertise and professionalism.


Eric.J, Executive Director

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