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Talent Management Succession Planning

Essential to reaching long term organizational goals and objectives, senior management must be able to leverage leadership capability and optimize the investments made on human capital.  According to a June 2011 Society for Human Resource Management survey however, half (50%) of organizations report having more immediate organizational requests and a lack of staff resources as the reasons why their formal succession plans do not exist.  TLG has the expertise to get this important people strategy building block in position. 


  • Enable senior managers to “talk talent”.

  • Provide rigor to the selection process.

  • Provide support tools to identify:

  • Who is in the immediate pipeline for core roles? Key critical positions?

  • What is your bench strength?

  • Are there significant retention risks for incumbents? Successors? Bench?

  • Are there clear developmental paths?

  • Are there performance issues? What are the key talent gaps?

  • Introduce internal talent analytics.

  • Facilitate a robust talent review session to discuss viewpoints and agree upon action.










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