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Preparing for Greater Responsibilities - Case Study

A savvy IT leader for a global social change not-for-profit organization requested an executive coach.  After riding the dot com wave, experiencing a quarter life crisis, joining the Peace Corps, attending grad school, and dabbling in economic development he had found a place that aligned with his world view and that would utilize his skills and talents.  The outstanding question for him became, how do I advance my career in a flat organization?


Relationship Building - listened and posed questions to identify which skills and competencies the organization most valued.  Considered the business challenges and the “take risks” culture.  Revisited career and life experiences and uncovered sources of anxiety.  Discussed potential areas for development.


Data Gathering - reviewed and validated MBTI (Myers Briggs) assessment results.  Prepared client to engage the IT Executive in a series of development discussions to validate perspective.  Integrated data with the clients own perceptions.


Planning - the client decided on his goals and developed an action plan; focused on broadening his impact internally and externally; speaking with impact, securing a mentor, and on relationship building with clients, colleagues, and external partners. 


Implementation - the client began the work of change and growth. He acquired strategies to be  more effective in demonstrating his understanding of client needs, articulating value, building relationships and engaging in “off the cuff” situations.      .


The IT leader became a more confident public speaker.  He now accepts speaking engagements on behalf of his organization.  His development discussions with the IT  Executive evolved into business discussions and he has taken on a larger leadership role.










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