Coaching Principles

Honor and leverage strengths - our work together is not about throwing the baby out with the bath water. TLG enables clients to recognize their strengths and to leverage those abilities more strategically for increased performance.


Learn and explore - each of us is a product of our learning and experiences.  TLG understands a client’s development is based on the individual 

  • understanding how their own behavior is received by others,

  • evaluating the validity of personal beliefs and the effectiveness of existing practices, and 

  • trying new skills, approaches, and practices that can be incorporated within their personal style and the organizational context











The Lemon Group is an executive coaching and people strategy firm dedicated to enhancing leadership capability and revitalizing the relationships businesses have with their employees

Provide trusted partnership - sharing your journey.  Clients can count on the commitment of TLG to support them as they integrate new skills and behaviors.  Partnership means providing perspective, insights, and honest feedback when more work is required.  


Align action with business goals - individual development is not the only objective.  The ultimate goal is for clients to be true to themselves, become more agile, and to deliver increased sustainable performance.

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