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Talent Management Succession Planning - Case Study

A newly appointed executive for a financial services firm recognized the need to re-evaluate the organizational structure, processes, procedures and resources.The executive was supported in evaluating the organization structure, articulating core competencies for the future expanded organizational mission, and reviewing the 80 member global team.


  • Partnered with the executive to re-structure the organization utilizing voice of the client data.

  • Developed user friendly tools to support the management team with preparing for a talent review. Consulted with each review committee member prior to the session and integrated talent assessment materials for the meeting. Facilitated talent review meeting. Documented final assessments, action plan and development activities.


  • Provided preparatory and in-the-moment coaching for executive and senior managers accountable for delivering difficult messages and holding development planning discussions.The executive was able to motivate key talent with new or expanded challenging roles. The review confirmed the existence of a resource gap which prompted discussions with organizations across the firm to obtain a top talent successor. The succession plan was implemented nine months later when the executive was moved to a new role.










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